Weaves, Braids Cause Baldness in Black Women (via The Boyce Blog)

Weaves, Braids Cause Baldness in Black Women   by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action  Over one-fourth of 326 black women to participate in a study on hair loss were found to have lost hair on the top of their scalp. Additionally, 59 percent of the study’s participants showed signs of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, otherwise known as CCCA. CCCA is a form of baldness that starts at the crown of the head and causes scarring. For years, many peop … Read More

via The Boyce Blog

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Anacostia Park and Other Points of Interest

There are many new parts to our city as we can clearly see. There is a new public transportation ferry soon to be hitting the city called the Streetcar that goes along Benning Rd over the bridge to Southeast DC but remember the scenic route only. We won’t get to see Berry Farms or Parkchester or even The Geraldine Apts. bordered at Southern Ave. SE and Barnaby Street. No! we will just see those points of interest that our money can be spent at and where merchants don’t want Blacks and other people that they consider as unsavory characters. My questions are like this where does the buck start and stop? Who makes these stupid laws in our fine city and the people that smile in your face and slowly nod their heads along with the decisions are far more dangerous than those we already know are racist and leading the line in gentrification practices. The people who have lived here all their lives don’t have any choices in the matter when it comes down to money or laws made all around you as you loose your heritage and your history. Someone else gets the benefits of going through your memories of a  gene pool and realization of who your ancestors were back in the day. Were they people of the Renaissance eras? Did they fight in a Civil War, Korean Wars, Vietnam Wars all wars that the males in your family trees probably fought in died in and sadly enough forgotten just as we are forgotten here in the city of our birth.I look upon the many birth certificates and certificates of live birth from the Old Galinger Hospital as DC General used to be called to Freedman’s Hospital which is now Howard University and think of the history that people who live here now don’t know about or even care about. There cares are as follows: what school their kids go too.. who are their childrens friends?.. who lives next door to them, of course if their black Oops! there goes the neighborhood.. and of course how many causes they can work at getting their friends to respond to? Come on who are you really kidding when there are people real live people who you will buy a home from under whether they have kids living there makes no difference its all about your families comfort and longevity at this moment not theirs. All the while our people who have lived here for years and years are slowly being pushed out to the suburbs that Whites no longer care about living in. They want the new chic urban living rubbing shoulders with the young blacks teens with dredded hair, children that if the status quo have their way will become fodder for the Crime Machine better known as jails or criminal justice system because remember there won’t be employment here for us and our loud aggressive kids running through the subways, or being suspended from schools that don’t want to teach them in the first place.Then we have the wonderful snarled traffic in the evenings going all the way around the beltway and don’t forget a Historic Black president in ‘The White House”. DC has come along way ‘Baby” I bear witness to that fact! Now what will the Anacostia Harbor bring to our legacy??

Anacostia Harbor Map + Waterfront

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