Black/Minorities Jobs on Order!

Everyone has their part and parcel to say about thenewest happenings in the White House, now it’s the President’s and Black Caucas pushing back minority unemployment there is so much more wrong here than just blacks being without jobs. Our backs are broken because without an infrastructure of some kind there is no need to make the lip service that as constantly been added to this equation. Presidents in the past have created these same directives and the way it was either implemented or interpreted was far from anything that had been set up in the order so you figure perhaps this will be a little closer and a few blacks will be able to get through the ceiling to see THE WHITE WORLD WITH THE BEAUTIFUL PROMISES OF LIVING WITH WEALTH NOT RICHES BUT WEALTH!!  The White House


About brendabeyt

A seasoned female with an attitude of grace and love. A person who knows the sacrifices that have been made to arrive where I am and acknowledges and appreciates this fact!
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